​With 15 awards categories to choose from, there's bound to be someone, or a business, that you know deserves to be nominated. Nominations are being accepted for a six week period starting September 25 and closing November 10, 2023.

​You are entitled to nominate any member or non-member business, except your own. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Nominations must fit with the criteria of the category (see below). For example: If nominating for Business of the Year the business must be in operation for more than two years and have more than 10 employees. If your nominee does not fit in the category you have chosen but meets other award’s criteria, Chamber staff will contact you with another suggestion.

​You do not have to be a Chamber member to nominate a business, person, or organization for an award.

2023 Nominations Are Closed.

Thank you to all who contributed a nomination of an outstanding business, organization or member of our community for our 2023 Comox Valley Chamber Awards.

Businesses do not have to be a Chamber member to be nominated for an award or to become a finalist. The Chamber may contact nominees for further information.

​Award recipients may not be nominated in the same category for three years following their win but can be nominated and awarded in other categories. The Comox Valley Chamber reserves the right to limit the number of selected nominees in each category. Sponsors of an award cannot be nominated in their sponsored category.

The Comox Valley Chamber reserves the right to limit the number of selected nominees in each category.


Chamber Awards Criteria

Definition of a Business:
A business, as defined by the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, is a company or other entity that is engaged in the purchase and resale of goods or provision of services for the purpose of generating a profit for its owner(s). The business must have a business licence in the Comox Valley.

Definition of Not for Profit:
A Not for Profit, as defined by the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, is a registered non-profit and/or charitable organization and an organization not seeking profit that does not distribute excess income to its members, in the form of dividends or otherwise. 

BUSINESS LEADER AWARD Honours a person who:
  • Provides leadership and inspiration among their peers
  • Makes a positive contribution to the community and/business sector, or as a mentor through volunteerism
  • Serves as a positive role model in the community and for other businesses for at least five years
BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD (10 or more employees, minimum 2 years in business) Honours a business that:
  • Is community-minded and demonstrates outstanding contributions to the community
  • Employs more than 10 people
  • Has a sound reputation of exemplary customer service in the Comox Valley
  • Demonstrates outstanding achievements for at least two years in business
  • Creates employment, generates income and promotes economic welfare
CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD Honours an individual who:
  • Exemplifies the principles and practices of excellence in customer service
  • Demonstrates exceptional service with each customer interaction
  • Has an established reputation for going above and beyond
  • May provide three reference letters or recent testimonials
FAMILY FIRST AWARD Honours business that:
  • Creates a culture that supports work/life balance
  • Demonstrates support and care for employee's parental needs such as job sharing, option to work from home or flexibility when family matters arise
  • Demonstrates support for local children's initiatives or fundraising campaigns
  • Staff and owners demonstrate an inclusive attitude towards families with young children both as employees and customers
  • Provide additional resources such as children's play area, children's menu, child friendly or unisex washrooms and/or change tables in both men and women's washrooms and/or a comfortable place for nursing infants
HERITAGE RECOGNITION AWARD Honours a business that:
  • Has operated continuously in the Comox Valley for 25 years or longer
  • Has contributed significantly to the community
INNOVATIVE BUSINESS AWARD (formerly Tech & Innovation) Honours a business that:
  • Demonstrates advancement in their business utilizing technology which better drives efficiency and productivity
  • Uses innovation to address a need and solves a problem
  • Implements an innovative opportunity that opened the business to new markets that has improved/grown their business exponentially
  • Developed an innovative product which satisfied an existing need or desire, demonstrated its uniqueness and provided tangible advantages for its clients.
LAND OF PLENTY AWARD (formerly Food & Farm) Honours a business that:
  • Is in the farm to table industry such as cheese makers; wine, cider, beer, and liquor producers; farmers; meat producers; aquaculture; and restaurants whose menu supports locally produced ingredients
  • Demonstrates innovation in production, processing and/or marketing
  • Demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Is an outstanding community and industry leader
  • Contributes to Agri-food awareness and education in the local community
  • Creates employment, generates income, and has potential for continued growth
  • Invests in new technology, in people, and is a highly competitive business in the marketplace
  • Has operated for a minimum of 2 years

​DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AWARD Recognizing best practices in attracting a diverse work force and creating an inclusive environment in the Comox Valley area. This is demonstrated by:
  • creating an accessible environment for clients/ customers
  • actively engaging with under-represented employees
  • cultural diversity in your represented workforce at all levels including leadership and includes, but is not limited to, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, age, and ability.
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (formerly Citizen of the Year) Honours an individual who:
  • Is recognized for outstanding voluntary service
  • Demonstrates a lifetime of achievement with over 20 years in the Comox Valley
  • Is a fulltime, long-term resident of the Comox Valley
  • The voluntary service can be of an individual nature or through their work with community clubs and organizations
  • Who receive no wages for the services for which they are being recognized
NEW BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD Honours a business that:
  • Has operated for less than two years and, within that time, has made outstanding contributions to the Comox Valley
  • Demonstrates outstanding potential for continued growth
  • Has the willingness to employ locally and is community-minded
NOT FOR PROFIT AWARD Honours an organization that:
  • Demonstrates outstanding contributions to the community
  • Is registered as a non-profit and/or charitable organization
  • Demonstrates how their service provides benefits to others and how they differentiate themselves
  • Show quantitative and qualitative results
SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD (less than 10 employees) Honours a business that:
  • Is community-minded and demonstrates outstanding contributions to the community
  • Employs fewer than 10 employees
  • Must be well-established, long standing and have a sound reputation of service in the Comox Valley
  • Demonstrates outstanding achievements for no less than two years in business
  • Creates employment, generates income and promotes economic welfare
SUSTAINABILITY AWARD Honours an organization or business that:
  • Has an environmental and social sustainability embedded in their business model or strategy
  • Practices environmental responsibility and sustainability with clearly defined goals and actions that reduce impact on the environment and benefit the environment
  • Practice social responsibility that benefit their employees, customers, community and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrates measurable results in environmental and social responsibility that provide an advantage for their overall success
YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD Honours an individual who:
  • Has achieved remarkable business success before the age of 30
  • Must be 30 and under to be eligible for nomination
  • Is actively involved with the community
  • Shows a willingness to employ locally as owner, CEO, or founder of business
  • Demonstrates commitment to the Comox Valley
#YouRock YOUTH AWARD (Youth Leadership Award) Honours an individual or organization that:
  • Has made significant contributions to the community and/or their school over a period of time
  • Demonstrates leadership, ingenuity and initiative in any endeavour(s) that improve the lives of others, the community, or the environment
  • Is under the age of 25 or whose key members are under 25
PRESIDENT’S MERIT AWARD honour an individual or organization that
  • that has made a significant contribution to the development, ethical stature or recognition of their area of professional endeavour
  • This award is awarded to Chamber members only
This award is chosen by the chamber board and announced on the awards night. Nominations are not accepted for this award



After the nomination deadline all submissions are forwarded to a judging panel comprised of diverse business leaders from the community.  After reviewing and researching the nomination submission the judging panel will narrow the nominations to three finalists. A ballot for each category is then received from each panel member. The recipient is kept under lock and key until the night of the awards.

Once finalists are announced notification is sent to all nominees. Finalists will be contacted by the film crew or Chamber staff to book their video which is presented the night of the awards.

​Members of the judging panel, their employees, and their family may not be nominated.

Award finalists and nominees will be contacted in November.

​Gala tickets are released to finalists and sponsors before the general public.